David is a prolific speaker and is available for a wide variety of audiences, including the business and non-profit communities, academia, and student groups in the U.S. and around the world.

His most frequent topics include: 


Fake News and Society

David has been combating “fake news” for decades. Far in advance of the 2016 election, David has keenly observed the rise of false information, myths, and urban legends in the digital age. More than that, David and his team have been debunking false stories on everything from politics, entertainment, crime, health, and beyond for years -- reaching an audience of millions. In this talk, David walks audiences through the origins of fake news, its impact on politics and society, and how individuals, families, organizations, companies, and governments can protect themselves in this new information environment.

Investigative Journalism Online

The rise of the digital age has ushered in a golden age for investigative journalism. David has been at the forefront of the emerging age of investigative journalism. With new tools available to anyone, citizen journalists have been able to verify and discover information as they never have previously done. Even as traditional news sources, such as local newspapers have declined, a new group of organizations is stepping up to fill that role. David will walk audiences through tools and techniques that they can use to not only protect themselves from misinformation but to become active online citizen journalists themselves. David, moreover, will discuss the impact of investigative journalism on individuals, organizations, corporations and the government – all of whom must be prepared to survive and thrive in this new information environment.

Myth, Fact, and Urban Legend from the Stone Age to the Digital Age

For as long as humans have communicated, myth, rumor, gossip, and falsehood have been a part of that conversation. In this sweeping and entertaining talk, David walks us through the long history of misinformation and disinformation both on and offline. Using case studies and anecdotes of infamous episodes throughout history, David brings alive the phenomenon of fake news for this generation and offers critical lessons for individuals, families, organizations, and societies on how they can survive and thrive in today’s information environment.




David - On behalf of the State Department, please accept our heartfelt thanks for briefing our recent group of visiting international journalists. The group enjoyed the session, learned a lot, and came away energized! Thank you, thank you.
— Shana Kieran, The United States Department of State